A few years ago, active citizens around H.H. Claude Kalume Mukadi, Dah Vignon, Prince of Abomey/Benin came together to discuss what is probably most needed in our time and how the great challenges facing our planet can be overcome. The answer was: Peace.
We think: For centuries it was demanded that the others should behave peacefully. Unfortunately, this has not led humanity to peace. It is time to start with ourselves and set out on the path to inner peace. This will then establish itself in the families and work its way into the world.
But that is not enough: our commitment to peace is accompanied by a model project in the area of regional development. The focus is on the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations and their implementation.
In order to set a visible sign to the outside world and thus expand our network, we donate peace bells.

Eckhart: If you love yourself in the right way, you love all people as yourself.