Bells To Inner Peace are punctual objects. We want to cover a whole region. In this respect the model project SDG Peace Park Visegrad is the logical development. It is defined according to meaningful geographical, economic and cultural criteria. Places connected with peace and SDG are recorded, people and organizations dedicated to the topic are introduced. SDG Paths To Inner Peace connect these places, which are shown in the SDG Peace Park Map. Colloquia are held.

We are concerned with regional development in the sense of SDG, which aims to make the region more liveable, create equal living conditions and sustainable development at all levels. Dialogues are held with the various stakeholders and citizens and their concerns are taken into account. PEOPLE FIRST!
The aim is to promote interdisciplinary networking in the region with the participation of regional stakeholders and citizens, to improve competitiveness, make optimal use of potentials and increase local income.



Necessary infrastructure and other projects are realized with modern “off balance financing”, for example with Public Private Partnership (PPP).
Here we are happy to experience, long-term partners at our side:

  • CREAM Europe, PPP Alliance
  • ImPPPact Global Alliance, SDG Public Private Partnership Association

Zoran Jelic: Purpose + People + Planet + Prosperity + Public + Private + Partnership = Peace