With the SDG, the United Nations is committed to creating a better, sustainable future for all people. Its goals include e.g. higher standards of living, justice, higher education and the protection of our planet.

The goal number 16 of the 17 SDGs signed by many countries worldwide is named: “Peace, justice and strong institutions.

Without peace, the SDGs cannot be achieved. On the contrary, what has been achieved so far is in danger of being lost. Long lasting peace is not possible when people live without self-determination, in poverty, without rights and in a poisoned environment.

We are convinced that SDG, in connection with the Path To Inner Peace, can give hope to each individual and bring us all forward. Especially in connection with goal 17, which is called “Partnerships to achieve the goals”. Partnerships are undoubtedly more successful if they are entered into by people acting in solidarity and according to high values, people who are on the Path To Inner Peace and who meet their fellow men with goodwill.

The Colloquia

Under the title: “Let us bring the wanted change with the SDG Peace Park”, colloquia with a transformative character are in preparation. As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic allows it, they will be held.

Mother Teresa: … because peace begins at home and in our own hearts. How could we bring peace to the world.